Fatal Frame Turns 20! Remember The Macabre Moments Of The Series


Fatal Frame: Survival horror fans should definitely know Fatal Frame, also called Project Zero, a horror game franchise inspired by old Japanese superstitions and critically acclaimed as one of the best in the genre, along with other famous names like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. .

And today (04), marks the 20th anniversary of the series’ launch in the West, so nothing more fitting than a terrifying special to commemorate the unfortunate moment when Miku Hinasaki first entered the Himuro mansion in search of her brother Mafuyu. , right?

An amazing development

Perhaps scarier than the plots of the games in the series is its origin story, inspired by the supernatural experiences lived by one of its creators, director Makoto Shibata.

During his childhood, his house was next to a road, and when night fell, apparently the situation was “out of this world”.

“I would often wake up inside my futon in the middle of the night and there would be hundreds of ‘presences’ coming down the road. In muffled, whispering voices, they would say things I couldn’t understand, walking slowly, filling all the way. curve in front of our house, always disappeared,” explained the director in an interview.

Over time, the young Shibata got used to this somber nocturnal routine, trying to understand what the voices were saying out of pure curiosity, but never looking at the apparitions, for fear of drawing attention and ending up being carried away by the spirits. However, when he received an old and half-broken camera from his father, his interest in the supernatural increased even more, bringing a new question: what if he photographed the spirits?

“What would happen if I used this to take a photo of the procession? Even if I didn’t look, the moment I took the picture, would these ‘presences’ come my way?” Makoto explained.