Fatal Frame: “The Mask of the lunar eclipse” will finally go to the West


Koei Tecmo announced today that the Fatal Frame: the year 2023. The Wii’s “fatal Shot” makes today’s announcement a big event for fans in North America and Europe.

Last October, fatally Frame: Virgin of Black Water, the fifth game in the series, received a port for all consoles and PCs after being tied to the Wii, then you since its initial launch in 2014. However, the Lunar Mask was still missing Eclipse in the West, a Japanese exclusive for the Wii console and since its release in 2008. In general, the Deadly Frame series has always struggled with its Western localizations, which led to long waiting periods between the Japanese. release and western release, and in the case of the Lunar Eclipse Mask, western localization is canceled altogether.

Fans of the game no longer need to look for fan translations due to the fact that Koei and Tecmo games and games have announced an official port for the Lunar Eclipse Mask, which means that every major Fatal frame game has received a Western localization. Fans should also note that there will be several new features in this re-release. Koei and Tecmo Games and Games states that the Lunar eclipse mask now comes with a photo mode, new modified and costumes, and has also been graphically redesigned with better shadows, lighting, in-game cinematography and improved character models. The exact release date has not yet been named for the game, but fans can expect that at the beginning of 2023 in the deadly frame: The Mask of the lunar eclipse it will be possible to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch and consoles of the Xbox family of games from.

Fatal Frame: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is considered one of the strongest games in the series, which received ratings in the 70s and 80s from publications such as the critic and Nintendo of Life. Many call the atmosphere and gameplay the best attributes of the game, but at the same time note the clumsy control scheme. as the Lunar Eclipse Mask will be updated to work with modern controllers and get rid of limitations, as the Lunar Eclipse Mask will be updated to work with modern controllers and get rid of Wii limitations, there is probably an opportunity to correct this criticism.

Koei Tecmo is porting a large number of games from the company’s past catalog. Along with Lethal Frame: Black Water Maiden last year and Lunar Eclipse Mask next, Koei and Tecmo Games and Games have also moved their popular Ninja Gaiden series of games to new consoles that were once tied to sixth and seventh generation hardware. Many of these ports have received praise for modern updates and preserving the original experience, be it good or bad. Regardless of the quality of the original experience, freeing old games from old hardware and regional blocking is a big win for accessibility.

Fatal Shot: The Lunar Eclipse Mask is released in early 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S.


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