Fatal femmes, dangerous sensuality


Villains and antiheroines who make seduction and cunning their main weapon. There is an archetype of woman that has endured throughout history.

The warning about how beauty can be as irresistible as it is dangerous has served to alert men to their own sexual urges and also to create a misogynistic narrative around women. From the myth in which Eve convinces Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, or Delilah conquering Samson to reveal the secret of her strength, there are several women who make their sensuality a powerful weapon. In film noir, this stereotype became popular as the femme fatale, with very specific characteristics that enhanced its appeal. In video games, we have also met ladies who we knew were going to bring us problems as soon as we saw them. From Mona Sax in Max Payne’s noir story, to, through Elizabeth Comstock in Marine Pantheon, to spy Ada Wong and her presentation in Resident Evil 2. Today in MeriStation we talk about these seduction gunners and what makes them unforgettable, beyond its physical charms.


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