Fatal Attraction: Lizzy Caplan To Star In Paramount+ Series


Fatal Attraction: The classic movie theater Fatal Attraction will have its reboot in the form of a series developed by the streaming platform Paramount+ and is already in its initial stages.

Actress Lizzy Caplan was selected to star in the show, bringing to life the character Alex, played by Glenn Close in the original film, and intends to add her modern and unique touch to the star of the series.

So, check out more information about the new series of the classic Fatal Attraction!

Series will explore infidelity from the modern female perspective

The selection of Lizzy Caplan to star in the Paramount+ series happened recently and the streaming platform has given some insight into what to expect from this Fatal Attraction reboot.

The show is being crafted from a more modern take on the classic cinematic psychosexual thriller and is intended to deliver a modern female perspective on cases from the original film, such as infidelity and personality disorders.

The character that Lizzy Caplan will bring to life is called Alex and is the protagonist of the series, who becomes obsessed with her lover after having a brief affair with him.

As for the technical selection of the series, the script will be produced by Alexandra Cunningham and Kevin Hynes and the producers of the original film, Stanley Jaffe and Sherry Lansing, will return to the Fatal Attraction reboot team.