Fast Phone-to-Phone File Sender App: Xender (Android – iOS)


Fast Phone-to-Phone File Sender App: Xender (Android – iOS)

Most of the time we are not aware, but it is quite a time-consuming process to send files between two phones or computers and phones. This application called Xender makes sending files quite easy, regardless of the phone model or operating system.

In the early years of technology, sending or receiving videos, music files or applications from your phones was a challenge. We did this either by connecting via Bluetooth or by connecting the phones to the computer and discarding the file. In both methods, the waiting time was quite high. Especially when you want to do this between two phones doubled time.

However, in these days when technology is developing, you can easily handle file transfer between phones. Applications such as Flash Share, Sharelt and Xender have been developed for this process. However, the most prominent of these, Xender is the fastest among them. In this content, we will talk about the Xender application where you can perform fast file sending between phones.

How does Xender work with fast file submission?

The Xender app allows you to share files with other Android or iOS devices using the Wi-Fi connection on your phone. You don’t need any cables to be able to send files quickly, but the device that sends the data needs to be close to the receiving device for it to work properly.

Sending large files between smartphones and Xender application takes only minutes, but both phones must be installed. Using Xender is not as difficult as you think, and in addition we will explain in detail how to send files with Xender.

The Xender application also has a website. Xender official website can be found here. You can read the QR code on this site and download the application to your phone.

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