Fast & Furious The Original Fast 5 Plan Would Have Killed the Franchise


The original “Fast and Furious 5″ plan involved a completely different antagonist, and that could have killed the “Fast and Furious” franchise even before it had a chance to become the box office giant it is today. After “Fast and Furious” (2009) proved that there was still an audience for the adventures of Vin Diesel and Brian Paul Walker’s House of Toretto, especially after the loosely related “2 Fast and Furious 2” and “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift,” Universal decided to double down on the franchise. The director of “Tokyo Drift” and “Fast and Furious” Justin Lin returned to shoot the fifth film, the budget of which increased by $ 40 million.

Part of Fast Five’s $125 million budget can be attributed to a larger cast. While the first four “Fast and Furious” films usually followed the duo of the main characters, “Fast and Furious 5” introduced the idea of a team or a family of pilots of the House of Toretto. Characters from all four “Fast and Furious” films came together for the first time, and “Fast and Furious 5” finally made all the parts feel like they belonged to only one franchise. For example, Dom finally met Roman and Tedj from 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Brian finally met Han from Tokyo Drift.

However, the most important addition to Fast Five was the addition of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Luke Hobbs. While the Fast and the Furious franchise could have worked without the addition of Dwayne Johnson, there’s no denying the impact the star had on the series, especially when you consider that the films aspired to become a blockbuster franchise. Hobbs will then team up with the House team at the end of “Fast and Furious 5,” which will allow Rock to return in the films “Fast and Furious 6,” “Fast and Furious 7” and “The Fate of Fury,” not to mention the spin-off “Hobbs and the Show.” However, “Fast and Furious 5” was almost not filmed in “The Rock”, since Hobbs’ original plan was very different from the role that Dwayne Johnson eventually played. This was announced by Vin Diesel in 2016 through a Facebook post in which the actor recalled, long before Diesel’s feud with Rock began, how Dwayne Johnson joined the franchise.

Hobbs Rock was originally an old character

Instead of an active agent at the peak of his reputation who could fight Dominic Toretto hand-to-hand, the idea was for Hobbs to be a senior and more experienced federal agent. Hobbs most likely would not have chased Dom and his team through the streets of Rio de Janeiro alone, but rather would have become the strategist who led the investigation of the Toretto case. While Hobbs Rock did something similar in Fast Five, when the character came up with strategies and led a team of agents, it was in the sequence of actions that he really proved himself. The first encounter between Hobbs and Toretto, in which the character of the Rock jumps from one roof to another trying to catch Houses, is one of the highlights of “Fast and Furious Five” and sets the tone for what the rest of the film will be like. .

Before realizing that Dom, Brian and their friends pose no real threat, Hobbs fought Toretto hand-to-hand in a real battle of the Titans. Neither Vin Diesel nor Rock are used to losing a fight in the movies, which made the fight between Dom and Hobbs in Fast Five even more interesting. However, given that the villain was supposed to be an older character, all the action sequences mentioned were only added after Dwayne Johnson was cast as Hobbs.

Tommy Lee Jones was considered for the role of Hobbs in Fast Five

If Fast Five had moved forward with the original concept for Hobbs, then the team would already have a name: Tommy Lee Jones. In fact, the role of Hobbs was written with Tommy Lee Jones in mind. There are not many details about whether Tommy Lee Jones was ever offered the role, since Vin Diesel only said that they gave the role to Rock instead and that “he shone in it.” While such names as Helen Mirren, Kurt Russell and Charlize Theron have recently appeared in the Fast and Furious franchise as action stars, the appearance of such a major actor as Tommy Lee Jones in the fifth Fast and Furious would be amazing.

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The original Fast Five plan would have missed out on what made the movie so good

As interesting as it was to see Tommy Lee Jones in “Fast and Furious,” having an elderly agent Hobbs in “Fast and Furious 5” would miss out on what made the movie so good. Although Fast Five was a heist movie, the real conflict of the story was that Hobbs, an agent with an impeccable track record, was chasing Fast and Furious characters that viewers had been following since 2001. Unlike easily forgotten villains like 2 Fast 2 Furious. Carter Verona and Braga from Fast and Furious, Dwayne Johnson’s character was the first antagonist who really felt he could beat the heroes. Thus, there are those who still consider Hobbs to be the best villain of “Fast and Furious”.