Fashion at Yuri’s Airport: Achieve The Image of an SNSD Participant From a Recent Arrival in South Korea


Yuri from Girls’ Generation returned to South Korea on October 14, ending her schedule in Phuket, Thailand. She arrived at Incheon International Airport in a matching hoodie and trousers. She completed her look by wearing a bag and a pair of shoes in the same color as her outfit, which made her look neat.

Curious to know about the clothes and items she wore? Keep reading to find out which brands of goods and how much they cost. We have also provided a more accessible version of each product.

Fashion at Yuri’s Airport: achieve the image of an SNSD participant from a recent arrival in South Korea

1. A New Era Cap

Let’s start with the cap that Yuri wore. This is a product of the New Era and is called the 9Forty Small Logo New York Yankees baseball cap. Unlike other New York Yankees caps, the logo on this headdress is smaller. This hat costs 43,000 won ($30.10).

2. Burberry Sweatshirt

The hoodie in the recent fashion for the airports of Girls’ Generation Yuri is a product of Burberry and is called “A hooded top made of a mixture of cashmere and cotton with a monogram.” The color worn by the idol girl is natural white, but there are other colors available for this product, such as ecru, camellia and storm gray melange. Various sizes are also available!

According to their website, this Burberry sweatshirt cannot be ordered online, it can only be purchased at a physical Burberry store. This item costs $1,090.

Can’t afford a Burberry hoodie? No problem! We found a more budget hoodie for you on Amazon. Here’s a white zip-up hoodie that only costs about $11. If you prefer a hoodie without a zipper, you can buy THIS ONE.

3. Running pants from Burberry

Yuri paired her Burberry hoodie with Burberry sweatpants of the same color (naturally white), which are called “Joggers made of a mixture of cashmere with a monogram motif.” The sweatshirt and pants are actually a set, but they can be purchased separately. According to their website, other available pants colors are storm grey melange, ecru and camel.

Like a hoodie, sweatpants can only be bought in a regular store. A pair costs $1,000.

Are sweatpants too expensive? Don’t worry, we found a similar product cheaper. We have found several options for you: Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3.

4. Burberry Bag

Yuri from Girls Generation revived her fashion at the airport by wearing a Burberry mini bag, in particular a two-tone Freyta Tote mini bag made of two-tone canvas and leather. The color of the idol bag is natural/brown. Other available colors are black, black/brown and orange/brown.

The mini bag is available for purchase at a regular Burberry store, and shoppers in some countries may need to make an appointment before heading to the store.

According to the brand’s website, the two-tone mini bag costs $1,250.

Since the Burberry bag may be too expensive for some fans, we were looking for other mini bags at affordable prices. Here are the options: Option 1 and Option 2.

5. Nike Shoes

Finally, the pair of shoes that Yuri wore on her return to South Korea belonged to Nike and was called Air Jordan 1. In particular, it was called Air Jordan 1 Mid Coconut Milk. It is available in other colors such as black, white and others. They say it costs $204.

Can’t afford this product? Instead, buy these cheaper Nike sneakers: option 1 and option 2.


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