Faruzan’s Guide – Is It Worth Pulling For Faruzan in Genshin Impact


Faruzan is a special support character for certain Anemo teams, but she still has her quirks that make her interesting to use in other teams. In version 3.3, this 4-star Anemo bow character will appear, ready to devastate his enemies. In this guide to Faruzan, we will explain its strengths and weaknesses, as well as discuss whether it is worth pulling for it or not.

Faruzan Travel Guide: Why You should Pull for Faruzan

If you’ve been fighting all your life for Anemo teams to work, Faruzan can change everything. Her combination of providing a huge boost to Anemo DMG and shredding enemy Anemo RES turns out to be extremely powerful in increasing the damage inflicted by Anemo DPS characters. This is most notable for the Wanderer, Hazou, C6 Kazuha and even the Crit Venti build.

For the treasure — I mean the material collectors — Faruzan has a passive skill that increases the income from the expedition to Sumeru. Such a liability is a godsend, especially for materials endemic to the region.

Here are more reasons why you should pull for Faruzan on her banner:

Do you like the design and/or gameplay of Faruzan.
You want to experiment with building Faruzan Main DPS.
You will see her potential as soon as we add more Anemo characters to the game.

Why You Can Skip the Faruzan Banner

Despite all its advantages, Faruzan is still an incredibly niche character who practically sees no use outside of Anemo. If you are not particularly interested in teams that have more than one Anemo character, then Faruzan does not greatly affect your account. Her area-of-effect abilities are quite limited in size, which makes her suboptimal as a vortex support for other elemental teams. There are also very few good support bows that give buffs, which is another disadvantage.

Here are a couple more reasons why you might want to skip it this time:

You are not interested in its design and/or gameplay.
You don’t like playing Anemo teams.
You would rather let her scare you with other banners or wait for an event that will provide her with a free copy.
She doesn’t feel as strong as the other 4-star Anemo characters in the game (like Sucrose or Sayu).


It is either very useful for you, or it gives absolutely nothing. However, if you are a fan of a good, cute voice acting, then she may like your tastes. She’s a little snotty and cheeky, but that’s just part of her charm. Just… don’t ask her about her age.


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