Farmville 3 Makes Its Return To Cell Phones In November!


Farmville 3: If you ever got annoyed getting notifications from your friends to visit your farms in Farmville on Facebook, maybe you were the friend who bothered others asking for it. And now those notifications are coming back, as the game makes its comeback with Farmville 3 on November 4th of this year!

The game will be released for Android phones, iOS and also on the Mac. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about what’s new in the game, but its producer Zynga has said that Farmville 3 will feature more than 150 types of animals, which now includes tigers and alpacas .

The gameplay itself hasn’t changed much, despite the presentation full of modern Disney-style animations. Marie returns as a character and the game has several helpers for the farm. There are more than 30 different characters that will help the player in different farming and production activities. Farmville 3 has also implemented a weather system, which will impact what crops you can have and what fish you can catch.

Pre-registration is open for anyone interested in the game, just access the official website.

And since we’re traveling back in time to remember Farmville, it’s also worth noting the curiosity that Zynga is where Don Mattrick ended up after his performance at the Xbox One launch back in 2013. But now he’s no longer with the production company. of Farmville 3, doesn’t even work with games anymore.


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