Farewell time for the once legendary game FarmVille


FarmVille closes its doors for good after 11 years of adventure. In the statement made by Zynga, the developer of the game, it was stated that FarmVille will be unplugged as of December 31st. It can be said that FarmVille doesn’t concern too many people anymore. But this decision about the game, which was played by millions of people at the time, may still affect a considerable number of people.

However, for those who don’t remember FarmVille, it’s a good idea to do a memory refresh. In FarmVille, a farm simulator, friends were neighbors and could work together. What was done on the farm was also adorning the Facebook walls.

It is also worth remembering that FarmVille has not left its title as the most played game on Facebook for a long time. However, Adobe’s discontinuation of Flash Player distribution and updating for web browsers seems to have left Zynga’s developers no other way.

The statement made by Zynga on the subject includes the following statements: “We are aware that many of you have been with us from day one. You helped us build an incredible international player community and you enjoyed the game as much as we do. We thank you for this. ”

In-app purchases for Farmville will continue until November 17th. After this date, the game’s payment system will be closed. It will be possible to play the game until December 31st. Players must use their game money by this date.

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