Far Cry VR: marks Vaas’ return as villain


It will not be a video game for PC or home consoles, but a physical experience in virtual reality for Zero Latency.

Insanity has always been a recurring theme in the Far Cry saga, but every player has a specific character in mind, Vaas. The villain of the third installment of the saga did not say his last word in that title. And although there are theories about his possible identity in Far Cry 6, the truth is that at the moment they are all conjecture. What is truly tangible is that the character will be back in Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity, a title designed for virtual reality that will immerse us in the turbulent mind of the antagonist.

Developed in collaboration with Zero Latency, the game will not be available on PC or home consoles. The idea is that the players come personally to one of the Zero Latency rooms to enjoy the games on site. Once the virtual reality headset is placed, the space will become the Rook Islands, the paradise islands where the main adventure took place. We will not handle Vaas directly, but will have to collaborate with eight other friends to escape the traps set by Vaas and his minions.

Eight years after its launch

Far Cry 3 was released in 2012, although Ubisoft recently remastered it on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game established the foundations of what the saga has been so far, which already has five main installments, in addition to the spin-offs and the future sixth chapter, already announced and with a release date.

In Far Cry 6, players will visit the fictional island of Yara, a place inspired by revolutionary Cuba that will lead us to fight against government forces. Antón Martín became president after democratic elections, but he did not hesitate to seize power to exercise as dictator. However, their repressive practices soon set off a revolution. It will be released on February 18 for PC, Stadia and current and new generation consoles.


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