Far Cry 7: Source Says Game May Focus On Online Mode


Far Cry 7 could take the series in a new direction, with a focus on online multiplayer. The information would have been shared on the Axios news platform. The information is from the Video Games Chronicle.

The site claims the source reportedly reported that Ubisoft is seeking a more focused approach to online modes in the franchise’s next game. Earlier this week, a possible clue was uncovered in Far Cry 6 potentially indicating that the developer is preparing to launch a multiplayer series.

While playing the latest game in the franchise, YouTuber JorRaptor found a QR Code printed on the side of a box. Scanning the code with a cell phone camera redirected the player to a 6-second long teaser.

The video, which looks like a small sample of what Ubi is preparing for the future, shows a map with several red arrows, animal icons and, later, places where players seem to have died. The number of players on the map is greater than what is currently supported in the franchise’s titles, suggesting the possibility of greater focus on online mode.

A few months ago, in June of this year, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier hinted that the series might indeed be heading in a new direction in the next game. While participating in the Triple Click podcast, Schreier claimed to have heard that Ubisoft would be “going in a radically different direction” with the next title.

Far Cry 6 was released yesterday (7) and has versions for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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