Far Cry 6 Will Receive A Free Mission Based On Stranger Things


Far Cry 6: The Netflix series will do a crossover like Danny Trejo or Rambo, open to all users of the game. The island of Yara has had its revolution, but now it will also have a supernatural mystery. Far Cry 6, the most recent video game in the saga, is preparing to receive new free content. Through social networks, Ubisoft has reported that the Stranger Things crossover will be released next Thursday, March 24.

What will this extra mission consist of? At the moment, the French company has not unraveled the mystery. It is expected that the content will be similar to that of other free missions such as those of Danny Trejo or Rambo, each of them with its own story.

After a while without Stranger Things, Netflix prepares the return in style. The eighties series starring the gang of children (now teenagers) will return in Season 4, which will air its episodes in two different batches: Volume 1 will debut on May 27, while Volume 2 will debut on July 1.

Free weekend in Far Cry 6

The Stranger Things crossover can also be enjoyed by those players who try Far Cry 6 during the free weekend. From March 24 to 27, the full game will be available for free on both consoles and PC. It is a free trial, so once this period is over you will have to buy the game to continue the adventure in Yara. However, all progress will carry over to the final version.

Far Cry 6 was released in October 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia. Previous-gen versions can be upgraded for free on next-gen consoles, as is the case with all intergenerational Ubisoft video games. The paid post-launch plan concluded with the release of its three expansions.