Far Cry 6 release date has been leaked! Here is the date


In the past few weeks, Ubisoft has made a statement about the Rainbow Six Quarantine and Far Cry 6 release date. The release date of the game, which ended after April 1, 2021, was leaked.

Far Cry 6 release date leaked

Far Cry 6, which is highly anticipated by many, would normally be released on February 18, 2021. Ubisoft, which went through a difficult process due to the pandemic, decided to postpone the Rainbow Six Quarantine and Far Cry 6 games.

Far Cry 6 çıkış tarihi sızdırıldı

Announcing that the games will be released after April 1, 2021, the company did not specify an exact date. Microsoft Store, which announced the release date of games such as Immortals Fenyx Rising, Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia 2: Definitive Edition before the companies, this time gave a date for Far Cry 6.

According to the information in the Microsoft Store, it will be available for download on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Google Stadia on May 26, 2021. Although no official statement has been released by Ubisoft yet, some analysts state that this information is correct.

Ubisoft recently announced that Far Cry 6 will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X models with 4K 60FPS.

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