Far Cry 6 Pays Homage To The Game’s Director’s Deceased Cat.


Far Cry 6 brings several animals that can help the player on their journey, showing how much the development team appreciates the presence of pets in their lives. One of these is Ted Timmins, the game’s director who lost his cat Totoro shortly before the title’s release, prompting his co-workers to include a tribute to him on their journey.

Totoro was immortalized in the game in an art present in one of the regions visited during the journey. It didn’t take long for Timmins himself to use his Twitter profile to share the news and also thank his work partners.

“When my boy Totoro died suddenly during the development of Far Cry 6, the team immortalized him in the walls of Yara – including his brother Yoshi beside him. I am eternally grateful for that, it means a lot to me and it was a touching surprise,” wrote the director.

Far Cry 6 is now available in versions for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and Luna, and you can check the Voxel team’s opinion on the game by clicking here.


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