Far Cry 6 Innovates With Its Original Television Campaign: “They Ride A Chicken”


Far Cry 6: Ubisoft and Wavemaker give a twist to the usual way of advertising video games on television thanks to Movistar. The title is already on sale. Ubisoft released Far Cry 6 worldwide for PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and PC consoles this October. The French company wants to hit the table in its launch campaign by including informational alerts on top-rated sports broadcasts on Movistar +. For example, with interruptions in advertising blocks thanks to the latest generation technology of the well-known platform: for the first time in the history of television, the viewer has been able to choose the end of the commercial they are watching at that moment.

Ubisoft and Far Cry 6 “Ride a Chicken” on TV

Thus, Ubisoft has turned to an innovative campaign composed of several phases. Both the strategy and creativity have been developed by the Wavemaker agency in the hands of the Movistar + special actions creative team. The objective was none other than to transform what is currently the main digital TV platform in Spain, Movistar +, into the perfect showcase for Yara (the region where Far Cry 6 takes place) through a plan that managed to give a return to conventional advertising formats that the spectator was the true protagonist; both in VOD and linear television.

A rooster, Chicharrón, is the protagonist of this series of advertising sports; the common thread of most of these pieces. The first phase was born with the aim of announcing the Revolution, some pieces were created as a “Countdown”, which interrupted all the prime time advertising blocks of channels # 0 and #Vamos de Movistar +.

After warning the viewer that in that pause he was going to “ride the chicken”, both the countdown and the block’s spots were interspersed, always concluding with a Far Cry 6 spot starring Chicharrón, the punk rooster that is also part of the video game.

Far Cry 6, the new installment of the great success of Ubisoft

One-minute microspaces were also created in which a cut-off of the broadcast was simulated due to a breaking news on the occasion of the “start of the armed conflict in Yara” with the presenter Iñaki Aguirregabiri, who tells us about the beginning of the war that took place. has unleashed and its protagonists; as if it were a real event. The action took place in the football territory of Movistar +, in fundamental matches of the Champions League, such as MILAN-AT.MADRID, BENFICA-BARCELONA … and in the match between Atlético de Madrid against Barcelona in the Spanish League .

Far Cry 6 is for sale in physical and digital format on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Google Stadia.


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