Far Cry 6 Has An Alternate Ending – How To Unlock It


Far Cry 6: Yara’s fate is in the hands of Dani Rojas, but what would happen if our character stands idly by? In Antón Castillo’s country the only thing left to do is follow his orders, drop dead or join the guerrillas. The island of Yara lives a fierce dictatorship, so the revolution has risen again. Dani Rojas, protagonist of Far Cry 6, will become a crucial figure within the guerrilla group Libertad … or not, if he decides to explore the other path. As in Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5, the French company offers an alternative path that allows you to finish the game in the first hours.

How to unlock the alternate ending

Unlike the fourth installment, this time it will not be enough to wait without doing anything. The alternate ending of Far Cry 6 is unlocked after completing the mission “Freedom Rises”, which is one of the first main missions. After several cinematics, we are invited to continue in Yara to help the guerrillas. We take a boat and the game itself tells us where we have to go, but if we go in the opposite direction, we will finally see a fade to black and a scene will jump.


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