Far Cry 2 Remaster Mod Available For Download


Mod maker dannyhl has released a Remaster Mod for Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 2: New Dunia. This mod improves the game’s graphics, fixes bugs, and includes both sound and gameplay improvements.

Although years have passed since its release, there are many players who want to renew Far Cry 2, which is still one of the games with a large player base. The answer to this demand of the players comes from dannyhl, who prepared the mod for the game.

With the new mod pack, there are many improvements in the game. These include new skins, realistic lighting, improved water surfaces, and FX effects. There are also notable advances for gameplay and sound.

As much improvement as can be done with the mod

First of all, those who will download this mod should not forget that they finally downloaded a mod. Although the package that wants to maximize the game also supports Ultra graphics options, graphic technologies such as high-poly characters or ray tracing technology should not be expected.

In addition to the visual, auditory and gameplay improvements in the game, there are some improvements. These include new animations, UI improvements, and an improved field of view. Also included in the package is a new real world map, “Emergency Healing” mode and “Holster” mode.

Remaster Mod fixes bugs

Far Cry 2 Remastered Mod does not only contain visual and audio improvements. Many in-game errors are also fixed with the package. For example, while killing by stealth is now possible, player stamina and movement have also been improved. Weapons have also been made “more realistic”.

You can download the new Remastered Mod package here. With the new package, the demands of the players will be responded to a bit. However, it is worth remembering that the mod is not an official mode. In other words, the producer company Ubisoft will not be responsible for the problems that may occur, it will be an update at the initiative of the players.


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