Fantasy Tower: Where to find a Tailor


There are a couple of quests in Tower of Fantasy that require players to collect a certain number of portunids. While it’s not particularly difficult to get these items, some fans may not know exactly where to look for them. This guide is designed to ease this confusion and contains detailed information about several places where players can find portunids in Tower of Fantasy.

Fantasy Tower: Where to find a Tailor

As a quick explanation, portunids can be obtained by killing a certain type of creatures in Tower of Fantasy. This distinguishes the item from those that are collected directly from the ground, and crabs are creatures that players must find in the gacha game. Indeed, portunids fall out of these crustaceans when they are killed, and they can be seen running along the sand of several beaches, a couple of which are marked on the map below.

For those players who are working on the “Taste of the Sea” quest for Jupiter, the beach, which is located to the north of it, is the best place to look for crabs dropping portunids. In addition, fans can sail to the east and check out the beach on the south coast of the island with a Mega Arena, as crabs can also be found there. And for those players who are trying to complete the Foodie Girl quest in Tower of Fantasy, crabs will appear on the beach where Patty is giving the quest.

It should be noted that quests are not the only reason Tower of Fantasy players hunt portunids, as these items are also used in cooking. In particular, fans can combine two portunids with two lettuce leaves to cook steamed crabs, a dish that restores a sense of satiety and restores health. For the uninitiated: you can cook on any of the robots that are displayed as pots on the game map, and each dish has a quality level corresponding to its strength.

As for the place where the steamed crab is located in this hierarchy of food, it is of blue quality. This is just below the dishes of the highest quality, which are marked in purple, which indicates that steamed crab is a good product for fans. However, players who want to feed their Tower of Fantasy characters only the best food in the game should pay attention to meat such as Fatty Cuts, Prime Cuts and Lake Bass.

Tower of Fantasy is available on mobile devices and PCs.


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