Fantasy Tower: How to remove fog on the map


Gacha games with an open world, such as Genshin Impact, have proved extremely popular. While the open-world HoYoverse game continues to attract a huge number of players, other games are now trying to grab a piece of this pie. The latest competitor is an open-world sci-fi MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy, which gives players a wide range of content, from exploring a huge map to destroying enemies, raiding dungeons and using the gacha style system to discover new content and characters.

Even with a tutorial section to go through, for a game of this size, not every game mechanic is explained with the level of detail that many players were hoping for, including what specific resources like portunids can do. By launching Tower of Fantasy and working through the training sections, players are likely to find that the map is very blurry. Unlocking the map involves a very specific set of actions, many of which are not explained by the game.

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So for those Tower of Fantasy players who are looking for details on how to reveal the map, follow this guide to learn not only about specific actions, but also about what can also be unlocked along with the map.

How to blur the map

Similar to Ubisoft’s tower system from the Far Cry series, players will need to hunt down certain buildings called Omnium Towers. They can be found in each region of the map, and players will need to climb them to reveal the full geography of this zone.

Even if the map is blurred, players can discover the specific location of these Omnium towers. When opening the game map, players must look for a symbol that looks like a crescent moon above a pillar. When entering a new zone for the first time, players should think about immediately escaping to this place, since climbing the tower activates a number of important details.

Opening of the Omnium Tower

After climbing the tower and activating it, Omnium Towers provide a number of important advantages in addition to simply opening the zone and facilitating navigation. Omnium Towers also reveals and details important places and landmarks in the region, simplifying the search for specific cases and attractions.

This includes:

Fortresses. As in other open world games, there are enemy camps that can be cleared. They range from small camps to larger fortresses, which will take a little longer to clean up. They are worth looking for, since everyone has a chest, which after purchase becomes a gray marker of the map, indicating that the camp has been cleared. World bosses. As expected, these are strong enemies that players can face, and if they manage to defeat them, they will receive a reward. It is worth noting that each boss has a certain level, so players should avoid certain ones, such as Barbarossa, until they become much higher in level and strength. Ruins are locations containing valuable loot and equipment.

Tower of Fantasy is available on mobile devices and PCs.


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