Fantasy Tower: How to make a fruit cake for Nicholas


Exploring the vast world of Tower of Fantasy, players are likely to encounter many side missions. One of them tells about a little girl named Niko, who is waiting for her parents to come home for her birthday to cook a special dish.

Speaking of cooking in Tower of Fantasy, some of these side missions also require cooking certain food to continue the quest, such as Hyena’s Banges ice strawberry soda or fruit pie, so wanderers should always try to collect various ingredients, as it is unknown what they will need next.

How to make a fruit cake for Niko in Tower Of Fantasy

Players must first launch a side mission to get a recipe in the Fantasy Tower to make a fruit pie for Niko. First they have to go to Spacerift, take shelter in Astra, and then cross the bridge ahead. Next, they will need to turn right and try to find a black-haired girl in a white jacket and a black skirt named Niko. A blue exclamation mark will appear above her head, indicating that she needs help.

After talking to Niko, the players find out that it’s her birthday and she wants to eat a fruit cake, but she doesn’t want to bother anyone with her request. Players automatically agree to help Niko. After that, she sends them to bring the missing ingredients to the Tower of Fantasy: strawberries, fallen fruits, homi grain and a chicken egg. After collecting all the ingredients, players must return to Nico and talk to her to get the recipe for a Fruit Cake. To study it, they just need to find it in the Backpack and then click “Use”.

Now all that’s left to do is go to Fenny’s store and use the cooking station to make a fruit cake. The recipe requires the following amount of Tower of Fantasy ingredients:

x2 Strawberry x1 Fallen fruit x1 Homi grain x1 Bird egg

After cooking the dish, players must present it to Niko to get the following useful items:

New equipment: Vigorous (accessories category) Matrix Data Pack II 23 150 EXP Nanocoating Acid Resistant Glaze

How to get the ingredients for a fruit cake in Tower Of Fantasy

Strawberries can be found east of the Navia Omnium Tower in the Fantasy Tower. Players just need to go there and slide down using a jetpack to collect them. Unfortunately, early areas like Astra don’t have them, so players have to travel to other regions like Navia to get this ingredient.

Fallen Fruit is located either west of the Astra Omnium Tower or north of the Ring of Echoes. It can be found by searching the ground where several trees are collected.

The ingredients of “Bird Eggs” and “Homi Grains” in the “Tower of Fantasies” are located on top of a cliff in the western part of the Astra Shelter. Poultry eggs are mostly found on high ground, for example, on the edge of a cliff or on top of a tower.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile devices.


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