Fantasy Tower: how to get darby Sturgeon in Blue River


Taste of the Sea is a side quest in Tower of Fantasy that players can complete to get a Surf and Turf recipe. The first step to completing this quest is to collect three portunids in Tower of Fantasy, and these crabs can be found all over the beach. Having found the required amount of Portunid, fans will be asked to collect two Darby sturgeons in Blue River, and this guide is here to help with this task.

Fantasy Tower: Darby the Sturgeon in the Blue River

Players who hunt Darby sturgeon in the Blue River will need to go north of Jupiter. In particular, there is a large river that cuts through the center of the map, and it is in the shallow waters of this reservoir that fans can find the appropriate fish. To be clear: This river is located north of the Echo Ring of the Fantasy Tower, and a quick trip to the Astra Omnium Tower is an easy way to get to it quickly.

It should be noted that some players suggest that finding Darby sturgeon in the Blue River at sunset may be easier. Fans who have spent some time using their jetboards to patrol the river and haven’t seen any of these green fish may thus want to wait until the end of the day. However, the time of day is not a strict requirement for getting Darby’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy, and players who are persistent should eventually see them no matter when they search.

With two Darby sturgeons in their hands, players must return to Jupiter to complete the “Taste of the Sea” quest and receive their rewards. One such award is the aforementioned Surf and Turf recipe, which requires one Darby sturgeon and two chicken eggs. The resulting dish restores eight units of Satiety and immediately restores a certain amount of HP, and although this is certainly not the best food in Tower of Fantasy, nevertheless, it can be useful.

You can also eat cooked Darby sturgeon without combining it with a Surf and Turf dish. However, this action will restore only two levels of Satiety, which is actually quite small. In fact, Tower of Fantasy players who want to replenish their satiety are better off eating almost any other dish in the game and saving Darby’s sturgeon until they have spare chicken eggs to cook them.

Tower of Fantasy is available on mobile devices and PCs.


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