Fantasy Tower: DDG electronic lock password


What is the DDG password in Tower Of Fantasy Where to find the DDG electronic lock password

Under the Lumina, one of the largest ships of Tower of Fantasy, there is a treasure hidden behind an electronic barrier. The “Lumina” of the Corona region is a huge ship with amazing dimensions. The huge cargo ship is filled with corners to explore and locked doors to open. The Main Line mission offers players the opportunity to explore its interior if they are interested.

In the Fantasy Tower, it is necessary to overcome this electronic barrier to get to the Golden Type II supply capsule, filled with special items such as a golden core, Crown Research Glasses, coins, experience points and dark crystals.

What is the DDG password in Tower Of Fantasy?

The DDG password in Tower of Fantasy is 1024. With the correct answer, players will be able to access a locked room where they can enjoy all the rewards locked behind the golden chest.

To get the password, you need to find a combination of four digits scattered around the Lumin ship. The numbers are obtained when interacting with robots called Barrier Password Memory. Most of these small robots are hard to find, so players often spend some time searching for them. If players don’t want to spend their day searching for these robots, it may be more convenient to find at least three robots and guess the fourth digit by testing to find the missing number.

Where to find the password of the DDG electronic lock

The first digit is easiest to find, as soon as the players teleport to the Lumina cosmodrome in the Tower of Fantasies, head northeast from the waypoint until they reach the stacked containers on top of each other. The first DDG barrier password memory is located above the container and is clearly visible to players. When interacting with him, the Wanderers receive the first digit of the lock, which is equal to one.

The second DDG barrier password memory can also be found after teleporting into the Lumina space portal and falling onto the beach shore in the Fantasy Tower. Moving south, the Wanderers will find a robot hidden near the container. However, players need to defeat the enemies around the container in order to peacefully reach the robot, which contains the second digit of the password, that is, zero.

The last password memory of the DDG barrier is difficult to detect due to its location behind the wall. To get to it, players first need to teleport to Lumin’s waypoint, and then follow the platforms leading down to the southwest of the Space Rift. As soon as the players reach the platform with the green wall, find the little robot that holds the last digit, that is, four.

Now that the players have the first, second and last digits, it remains only to calculate the third digit. To do this, insert the known numbers and run through the numbers until you find the missing one. It is important for players to learn this method as it works well with most Tower of Fantasy electronic barrier passwords.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile devices.


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