Fantastic Four fan art Portrays You and Penn Badgley as Reed Richards


The rumors surrounding the first Marvel family continue to swirl and stretch as we wait for the official announcement of the cast of the next Fantastic Four movie. As with Spider-Man and Batman, many donned blue suits in an attempt to make this property work, but none of them were able to support the cinematic franchise. Marvel has announced that this new Fantastic Four movie will begin Phase 6 of the MCU in 2024. The last of these fan castings is the leader of the family, Mr. Fantastic himself, Reed Richards.

In his latest Instagram post, @bosslogic painted Penn Badgley (you know, that creepy stalker from the Netflix show “You” and that creepy blogger from “Gossip Girl”) as the next Reed Richards. But the artist added a caveat, saying that he would prefer to see Badgley in the costume of the sworn enemy of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom.

I would agree with @bosslogic, Badgley would be the best villain. However, in the comments @harleyplays defended the theory, saying:

He’s good in the roles he plays, and I think this casting says a lot about what point of view they’ll take with Reed Richard, and I’m not mad about that.
Besides, I’ve forgotten Jim in the role of Reed since he immediately showed the Scarlet Witch the power of Blackbolt.

This comment about “Jim as Reed,” or, more precisely, about John Krasinski as Reed, stirred up the Internet. Since the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Krasinski’s casting has been the subject of controversy; however, Krasinski’s future with Marvel seems promising. However, it is unclear how his involvement will progress in the MCU. Some suggest that Krasinski may continue to play the role of Reed Richards and may even become the director of the Fantastic Four.

Even taking into account the fact that Krasinski can play the main Reed Richards, we have not received reliable information about the film. With the departure of John Watts from the Fantastic Four, there are rumors about who will be at the helm of the film. Marvel may have found its director in the person of Matt Shakman from WandaVision. but this has not been officially confirmed.

There were also rumors about the casting of three other members of the Fantastic Four. Although she said she wouldn’t be involved, fans love the idea of Emily Blunt as Sue Storm. Fan art was also created by Joseph Quinn, the breakout star in the TV series “Very Strange Things”, in the role of Johnny Storm. As for the Creature, Dan Fogler, known for “Fantastic Beasts,” said it would be a “dream role.”

I hope we’ll find out soon who will officially play the main role in the long-awaited “Fantastic Four”, but for now we can only guess. And hey, this is the multiverse, so who knows what’s going to happen? The possibilities are endless!


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