Fantastic Beasts 4 still has big issues to fix (despite FB3 improvement)


While Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was a step in the right direction, Fantastic Beasts 4 still has a lot of work to do to make things right. The first film “Fantastic Beasts and where they Live” seemed a promising start to a new story of the Magical World, but the sequel “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” was criticized for a confusing and pompous plot. After poor reviews and disappointing box office returns, Warner Bros. we hoped that “Fantastic Beasts 3” would be able to turn the franchise around.

“Dumbledore’s Secrets” really managed to correct many of the mistakes of its predecessors. The film focused on fewer characters and reworked the most convoluted storylines, and was better received by critics for its efforts. “Fantastic Beasts 3” improved the franchise overall, but failed to completely eliminate all of its problems.

While “Fantastic Beasts 3” fixed some plot holes, they accidentally caused others. Viewers were still confused by some narrative-related decisions, and any future films in the franchise will have to address them if they want the series to make any sense. Here’s everything that “Fantastic Beasts 4” still needs to fix.

“Fantastic Beasts 4” must uncover the secrets of the crime of Dumbledore Tina

Tina Goldstein was one of the most important characters in the first two Fantastic Beasts films, and it was a crime to almost completely exclude her from Fantastic Beasts 3. In the film, they tried to explain her absence by saying that she was too busy at her new job as the head of the US Aurora Directorate, but the more likely reason was that there were already so many characters and moving parts that the filmmakers did not want to add. more. However, Tina’s absence from Fantastic Beasts didn’t make sense, given her importance in previous films. Her story with many other main characters, especially with Newt Salamander, was abruptly pushed aside, and this disparaging attitude towards “Fantastic Beasts 3” should be corrected in future parts. Not only have Tina’s considerable skills been invaluable to the band in the past, but her romantic tension with Newt has helped center the story as well as propel the plot forward. Having lost her, “Fantastic Beasts 3” has lost most of its narrative focus. At least she appeared very briefly at the end of the movie, which was more than Nagini.

“Fantastic Beasts 4” should serve Nagini better (and explain her story)

The Crimes of Grindelwald completely changed Nagini’s character from the original series when it was revealed that she was a woman who was cursed to ever remain trapped in the form of a snake. In Fantastic Beasts 2, Nagaina is portrayed as an opponent of dark magic due to her past, and she was heartbroken when Creedens decided to leave her to join the cult of Grindelwald. However, after this sudden breakup in Fantastic Beasts 3, there was no mention of where Nagini went, leaving many gaping holes in her story. Fantastic Beasts 4 should serve Nagini better by revealing her character and offering some sort of explanation for how she might end up on Lord Voldemort’s side. Because of Nagini’s characterization in The Crimes of Grindelwald, it’s unclear why she would ever support another Dark Wizard like Voldemort. It was also strange that Nagini wasn’t in Fantastic Beasts 3, considering how critical she was in the last film as the only true friend of Cridens. Creedens, oddly enough, never missed her and did not take a minute to think about what could have become with someone who was so close to him.

“Fantastic Beasts 4” must deal with Cridens

The story of Cridens became extremely confusing in the Fantastic Beasts films, and strangely little screen time was devoted to studying the possible consequences for the Dumbledore family. First, in The Crimes of Grindelwald, it was claimed that Cridens was Albus Dumbledore’s brother, and then in The Secrets of Dumbledore it was revealed that he was actually Albus’ nephew and Aberforth’s son, but the films never fully returned all the parts that were still missing from his backstory. The identity of Creedens’ mother was never disclosed, and Fantastic Beasts 3 did not explain what happened to her after she was sent away, or why she and Creedens were hidden from the Dumbledores. Aberforth knew all along that he had a child, but never showed much concern about finding him or his mother. These revelations only make the Dumbledore family seem careless, especially since they knew that Cridens was an Obscurial, like their late sister Ariana, and obviously didn’t bother to help him. The backstory of Cridens and Aberforth should be concretized once and for all in Fantastic Beasts 4. Otherwise, it seems rather disappointing to introduce the character of Cridens at all if his story never moved anywhere and did not cause any consequences for the Dumbledores.