Fantastic Art Studios Announces Map Maker for RPG Players


Fantastic Art Studios is a newly formed company that announces its debut in the market to bring solutions and “innovation” to tabletop RPG players. One of its main products announced is the Black Box Map Maker, which is currently in development and “will be released soon”, according to the company.

Fantastic Art’s idea is to offer products that complement tabletop RPG play and help the GM create worlds and scenarios for players. The map creation program will be compatible with PC and Mac, as well as cell phones, and will also support Virtual Reality (VR). Using Black Box and the program’s artificial intelligence tools, the idea is that the master can easily generate a 3D look of the scenarios he imagines for the adventures.

Although the program is still under development, the company says it already has an extensive library of more than 80 themes – including medieval fantasy, worlds of Cthulhu, cyberpunk, fantasy of Vikings, pirates and Ancient Egypt, as well as Dark Fantasy .

In addition to the map creator, Fatastic Art Studios also announces that it will work with the creation of collectible miniatures, which RPG enthusiast players can buy for their games or just as a hobby. His designs come from veterans such as Alex Oliver (formerly Blizzard and Riot Games) and renowned sculptor Cicero D’Avila.


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