Fantastic 4 Fan Favorite Pick for Reed Richards Reacts To Online Support


The star of the series “The Good Place” William Jackson Harper responds to the flow of fans who believe that he is ideally suited for the role of Reed Richards in the reboot of the Fantastic Four. Shortly after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, Kevin Feige announced the appearance of the long-awaited objects in the MCU. Further details have yet to be released, and it is assumed that others will be presented at Comic-Con in San Diego or at their biennial D23 Expo event.

After John Krasinski played the role of Reed Richards in the movie Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness, many continue to discuss on the Internet who will wear the mantle of the smartest man on Earth-616. Among the incessant fan discussions about various actors, Harper’s name is often mentioned, primarily because of his typical role of the brilliant but indecisive Chidi Anagonye in the NBC series “The Good Place”. Previously, the actor also participated in the casting of dreams for the next iteration of Superman for the same reasons.

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In a recent interview with NME, Harper responded to a massive online campaign in which he wanted to take on the role of Mr. Fantastic. Although Harper was flattered by the fans’ attention and agreed to join the cast of The Fantastic Four, he states that Marvel has not contacted him yet and that the fact that his dream on Twitter does not necessarily affect casting decisions for films. Read his full comment below:

“Twitter doesn’t do movie casting… I would be very happy if Marvel listened to me, but they didn’t call me, and I’m not going to participate in the Fantastic Four,” he says. “As far as I know: maybe they have something [on their mind] under consideration, but no one has contacted me.”

While Harper is eager to play the role, if the opportunity presents itself, his response may disappoint those who demanded that he play the iconic role. Many thought he would be an ideal candidate for the role of Reed, especially given his close proximity to portraying a character who is also smart and cares about others in the past. Nevertheless, he presents a strong argument, since Feigi only arranged for Krasinski to play a variant of Reed in Doctor Strange 2 to fulfill the wishes of fans, and not to make him a permanent option.

As Harper mentioned, it remains unknown whether any of the fan casts will be considered for their upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four, as social media does not fully control final casting decisions, despite virality. At the same time, neither Marvel Studios nor Disney have confirmed or denied anything, which leaves the door open for any possibility. If anything, Harper’s answer gives fans a glimmer of hope, as Harper is open-minded in terms of joining the MCU if Marvel also allows it.


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