Fans will leave Lisbon for this character of the professor


The fourth installment of the popular Spanish series La Casa de Papel left Netflix subscribers reeling after another dramatic finale. With the professor caught at gunpoint.

While most viewers have assumed that the criminal mastermind will find a way to defeat Alicia and escape, one fan suggested that the season finale of La Casa de Papel could provide the catalyst for an unexpected romantic turn.

Despite being positioned as archenemies, this viewer suggested that there might be some erotic subtext lurking beneath the enmity between the professor and Alicia in La Casa de Papel.

If Alicia does not pull the trigger in the opening moments of the series, this theory proposes that the first episode of the latest installment of La Casa de Papel could become surprisingly exciting.

However, this theory suggested that La Casa de Papel Season 5 could go in an unexpected new direction by revealing that the professor simply has a thing for women in charge and cruelly leaves Raquel for Alicia.

La Casa de Papel creator Álex Pina is certainly known for taking some radical twists and turns and it turns out the bag, although most fans agreed that the professor is too loyal to Raquel to pull off these kinds of tricks.

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