Fans will be able to use their ARMY Bomb to support BTS’s MVs

Now you can support the boys from your home, you just have to have your official lightstick.

Did you enjoy the Bang Bang Con? The special BTS broadcast was a great opportunity for many fans who have not attended a boys concert, although it was not totally live, the experience was lived just like a show.

What made it special was not only remembering the best moments of the group on stage, but being able to sing, chant the fanchants and, above all, synchronize the ARMY Bomb so that it will light up in different colors in each performance, as if you were there yourself and you can continue enjoying this technology, but now with your MV . We tell you the details.

via Gfycat


According to information from the Korean portal OSEN, the Weverse beNX company has plans for BTS to continue implementing this dynamic in its music videos, live broadcasts and other activities. WOAH! That is, you can turn on your ARMY Bomb every time the boys make a comeback.

The lightstick is a fundamental element in K-pop, in addition to representing the official color of the group, it is a way of supporting them in various events, so now watching a MV will be much more special and you will no longer have to have it stored without to be able to use it.

So far, nothing has been confirmed, but due to the success of the Bang Bang Con everything will be done to continue with such technology, there will even be other idols who will join the dynamics.

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