Fans were disgusted by the lack of “Love On The Brain”!


Rihanna fans would be disappointed the singer never released the music video for “Love On The Brain”. However, it is not the only one!

Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain” has moved millions of people around the world. However, this title still does not have an official clip, to the chagrin of Internet users.

No one could have missed Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain.” From his latest studio album “ANTI”, this song is the fourth and final single from the opus. She was so appreciated by her audiences that she was certified three times Platinum in the United States.

The singer’s fans then wished with all their hearts that a video be associated with it. And for good reason, a simple amateur video has exceeded 300 million views on YouTube. Wow! Imagine if Rihanna had actually released the clip for this song!

However, it is not the only one in this case. Taylor Swift has never released images for “Getaway Car”. Same for Lady Gaga and her song “Sour Candy” with BLACKPINK.

But that’s not all ! Adèle never released the music video for “Set Fire to the Rain”. Or Britney Spears with “Breathe On Me”, Ariana Grande with “R.E.M.”, Selena Gomez with “Souvenir”, Katy Perry with “Legendary Lovers” and to finish BTS with “Dis-ease”.


But if there’s one subject that Rihanna fans are concerned about more than the making of this clip, it’s her relationship with A $ AP Rocky, which she just made official.

Indeed, for some time, the singer left to relax on her native island: Barbados. The opportunity for her to reunite with her loved ones and her family.

A $ AP Rocky accompanied him. The whole family seems to have appreciated him so much that he was considered a full member.

Moreover, the two lovers have chained the dates. Thus, we have seen them jet skiing or even let themselves be towed by a zodiac in an inflatable buoy. In short, they looked like they had a good time. This is so cute !

If for months her strategy was to say she was a free couple, then things seemed to get more and more serious. And that’s to their credit! Rihanna even exchanged a small tender kiss with the young man, under the eyes of the paparazzi. Just that !

This suggests that the young woman has drawn a line on her last disastrous relationship. Indeed, a year ago, she broke up with Hassan Jameel, her toxic ex. Phew!

We therefore wish her all the happiness in the world alongside her new boyfriend. And as long as possible. To be continued !


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