Fans were disappointed with Baby Yoda back accessory


A Reddit user just gave a ‘rant’ about the new Baby Yoda back prop in Fortnite. For several years now, Fortnite has brought together millions of players. It must be said that the game from Epic Games knows the recipe for always bringing together so many gamers on its servers. This includes the gain of various skins for his character or his weapons. However, the latest Baby Yoda back accessory is the subject of debate.

On the one hand, because it is very difficult to obtain. Indeed, you have to play for several hours, see several days, win various challenges and be patient to have it. Once this “adventure” is over, you can have your little “baby Jedi” behind your back.

When you win this “trophy” you don’t hesitate for a second and wear it proudly to show other players your talents. But also how tenacious you can be to win items.

The object in question would still have to not bug … Well, that’s exactly what would happen with the new back accessory offered in Fortnite.

It took no less for a Reddit user to raise a rant as Dexerto notes. This one, criticizing the developers of Fortnite for not having seen the problems caused by the object before.


But what is the bug in question? Simply the fact that the accessory would take up too much room in the back and therefore prevent players from aiming. Especially when getting out of a car. A situation that surprises many players.

The latter, commenting on the user’s post and tackling the Fortnite devs: “How the hell did this pass the game tests? Hopefully we finally have some FOV settings so we can use more skins … Without getting half the screen stuck. ”

But another problem would remain. The fact that the object would be too big. Because of this, many gamers would be easily spotted on the map: “Because it’s so far from your back, when you hide it clips through them and you can see your position.”

It remains to be seen if the bosses of Fortnite will succeed in overcoming this concern quickly enough …


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