Fans Were Convinced That Kylie Jenner Was Going to “Raise The Thirst For Posts” After Breaking Up With Travis Scott. They Were Right


Kylie Jenner gave birth to her son Ira last year from the again and again disappeared handsome Travis Scott (with whom she also has a 5-year-old daughter Stormy), but recently the status of their relationship has changed. Earlier this month, the couple broke up after Jenner sparked rumors by posting a message from Aspen. When the relationship ended, Jenner’s fans predicted that the reality TV star would turn on the dial on the photos of the thirst trap that appear on all her social networks. Needless to say, she proved them right with a few hot new photos.

All Kylie Jenner fans hoped that the thirst trap photos would be enough once the beauty mogul became a single mother, and not so long ago the Reddit branch exploded with some predictions. One fan commented:

She will draw out bisexual energy. It already was.

The thirst traps of the Kylie Cosmetics owner are universal and, of course, for everyone. I’m sure she would be thrilled if she attracted the entire audience to her sexy Instagram photos. At the time , another fan said:

I really don’t know how they can be raised more than they already are.

This fan is right, as Kylie Jenner has historically consistently posted sexy photos, even when she was in a relationship with the famous rapper. While Jenner has been conservative while pregnant with her second child, the reality TV star has never shied away from sexual proliferation. Another fan agreed, saying:

She’s thirsty all the time

Although this assumption may seem funny, you have to give credit to the fans for being right in their predictions. The star certainly caused a storm of emotions in her posts about the breakup on Instagram. She posted a series of sexy bikini photos that went viral over the weekend. In the photos, the single mother is swimming by the pool in a daring pink and green bikini. You can see the A+ pictures below for yourself:

Kylie Jenner also loved her Instagram stories, posting some hot photos from a recent photoshoot. She looks absolutely incredible, so it’s no surprise that she’s showing off more and more on her social media accounts. Let’s take a look:

The tycoon also killed in her other posts. This month, she posted a gorgeous photo of herself wearing a simple brown dress from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand. (This post also prompted Kardashian to ask to mark the company.) The younger brother was also absolutely iconic while attending the Schiaparelli haute couture show during Paris Fashion Week. She was wearing a dress with a large lion’s head on her shoulder, which quickly attracted the attention of the Internet. I’m sure someone would be completely overwhelmed by her photos lately, although it’s impossible to say whether they make Travis Scott think about this breakup.

Fans have been speculating for months about the status of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship before their official breakup. The trip to Aspen was a distraction, and Scott unexpectedly unsubscribed from several of Jenner’s friends on Instagram. They continue to raise two children together and even recently hosted Stormy’s 5th birthday party together. So even though their status as a couple is constantly changing, they seem to keep their parenting responsibilities a top priority. It’s also worth mentioning that these two have taken breaks before, so anything is really possible in the future.

Who knows what will happen in Kylie’s personal life, but in the meantime, fans will definitely continue to enjoy her posts while she leads a lonely life. Fans of Jenner can witness moments from the star’s journey during pregnancy in the second season of “Kardashian”, which is now being broadcast on Hulu subscription. Filming for season 3 continues, so make sure you keep signing up so you can watch the long-awaited season when it finally comes out. For more information about other content coming to the streamer, be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s guide about everything new and coming to Hulu.


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