Fans were annoyed by what NBC said in this teaser


ABC brought the long-awaited season 5 of the Pearson family drama This Is Us to fan screens after the long hiatus that kept viewers eager for more stories.

Let’s remember that the fans of This Is Us, kept waiting for months for the return of the family drama to the screens with its new season. In March, production of the new installment was halted as a result of the lockdown generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the crew and cast of This Is Us returned to the filming set in early September, in order to shoot the scenes for the episodes that began airing on October 27.

And it is that with only a few weeks since season 5 of This Is Us finally hit the screens. Now, NBC announced the bad news to fans at the end of the promotional teaser for episode 5 of the new season 5 of the family drama.

As the This Is Us teaser indicates, the series will not return until Tuesday, January 5, 2021. This, due to the production limitation generated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has made it inevitable that the NBC program will not perform a pause between episodes.

Promo teaser for the next episode of This Is Us

In this sense, when seeing the promotional teaser for episode 5 of This Is Us, the fans did not take long to turn to the networks and react in an annoying way, since according to them, they will make them wait a long time.

At the same time, fans ended up getting upset because in the teaser for episode 5 of This Is Us, the return was announced via a flashback of Marc, Kate Pearson’s former teenage boyfriend. Here’s what fans of the family drama commented:

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“January 5? Are you kidding me?”

“January why yyyyyyyyyyy we just started”.

“I know it’s a flashback, but do we really have to see Marc again?”


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