Fans Want Robert Downey Jr. to Play THIS Iconic Superman villain Against Henry Cavill in Future DC Projects


Last month, Henry Cavill confirmed his return to the role of Clark Kent, known as Superman. All passionate fans of superheroes have been waiting for the actor for a long time. Indeed, it was exciting news for people that their patience had finally been rewarded, while the British star also promised a future meeting between the legendary Kryptonian and the Almighty Adam.


You may have briefly seen this timeless hero at the end of the movie “Black Adam” wearing his iconic cape. All these exciting crossovers and a separate adaptation of Cavill’s “Superman” certainly gave people hope. And now they want to see Robert Downey Jr. in the role of the cult villain Superman against the star of “Man of Steel” in future DC projects.

DC Fandoms Demand to See Robert Downey Jr. vs. Henry Cavill

Iron Man fans were heartbroken when the beloved Marvel hero sacrificed himself to save the universe. After closing his stay at the MCU, Robert Downey Jr. was recently spotted in a completely new look. Last weekend, the 56-year-old star surprised everyone with a bald spot on the red carpet of the 13th Governors Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

After seeing him, fans often noticed his resemblance to the cult antagonist Lex Luthor. Many people have commented on Twitter that an actor can play a DC character.

However, this wish of fans could be fulfilled if the star of Sherlock Holmes starred in “Man of Steel”. If you remember, Joseph McGinty Nicho, who was going to direct the film, wanted to take Robert on the role of the supervillain Lex Luthor. Unfortunately, the director of “Charlie’s Corners” dropped out of the project, and so far the idea has not been implemented.


What do you think? Want to see Robert Downey Jr. vs Henry Cavill? Let us know your opinion in the comments box.


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