Fans voted for the worst main character in the series


When The Big Bang Theory debuted on television in 2007, the show focused on a group of four nerdy friends and the beautiful woman they become friends with. Even though that concept was enough to attract a large enough audience to make the show a huge success, it would have been difficult to maintain a series with such a small cast for many years.

To keep The Big Bang Theory fresh, the show would feature many additional characters throughout its twelve seasons. For example, a long list of supporting characters such as Stuart, Emily, Barry, Lucy, Wil, and Bert were added to the mix. In addition to all those characters, The Big Bang Theory also featured a long list of guest stars. Unfortunately, at least one of the top guest stars regretted being associated with The Big Bang Theory.

No matter how many characters became a memorable part of The Big Bang Theory’s legacy, there is no question that the show had seven main stars. However, there is one thing about the main characters of The Big Bang Theory that is questionable, which of them is the least popular with fans. With that said, a group of The Big Bang Theory fans were asked which of the main characters is the worst and their answer was pretty definitive.

Even though the ending of The Big Bang Theory first aired several years ago at this point, that doesn’t mean that the show’s biggest fans don’t like to discuss it just yet. In fact, on social media, you’ll find that people continue to debate a lot of things that tie into The Big Bang Theory to this day, like the online poll asking fans to know who the worst main character on The Big Bang Theory is. Big Bang Theory.

By the time the aforementioned poll asked which main character from The Big Bang Theory came to an end, the results were abundantly clear. While many characters got votes, Bernadette received almost a third of the votes, which is quite surprising. After all, when it comes to the internet, it can be surprisingly rare that there is a clear consensus.

When Bernadette first met The Big Bang Theory, it was a breath of fresh air in many ways. Represented as a complete sweetie, it was really easy for her to like Bernadette, especially since she almost instantly turned off some of Howard’s easier to dislike traits. With that in mind, it’s amazing to realize that by the time The Big Bang Theory ended, many of the show’s fans had turned against Bernadette.