Fans turn Jungkook into Bob Ross


Fans turn Jungkook into Bob Ross. ARMY’s creativity highlighted the idol’s artistic abilities

The creativity of the biggest fandom in the world has no limits, so any opportunity is good to have fun and share your joy with the material that the BTS guys make known.

That was what happened when Jungkook used his Weverse account to share what he had been doing lately , recently the idol saw some of the videos of the famous American painter Bob Ross , where he instructs about techniques and processes to carry out a painting.

While posting a photograph of the result of his effort following Bob Ross’s instructions , Jungkook commented ‘After seeing Mr. Bob drawing this, I also tried to do it lightly …’

The fans were delighted with the result of the idol’s artistic abilities, but the fun was just about to begin. Some fans made an edit where they placed the drawing of Jungkook on an easel and the face of the idol on the image of Bob Ross, an action that led Jungkook and Bob Ross to become two of the most popular trends on Twitter worldwide.

Jungkook’s creativity to follow in the painter’s footsteps was surpassed by the creativity of ARMY, which took his creation to the next level, making him a smiling and proud version of Bob Ross.

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