Fans think the drama should end at the end


There are several reasons to show why Grey’s Anatomy should continue but in the same way there are the same reasons why fans have thought it should end, these are some of the factors.

Is there new material?

Sadly Grey’s Anatomy has become somewhat monotonous for fans this due to its extensive stay that does not allow it to show some kind of new theme or contrast more than the events that occur in real life.

This has had an impact on the fans since they only wait for the next death that will be related to a bad love, for these repetitions some Grey’s Anatomy viewers think that it should conclude.

Have you lost your main theme?

The medical approach for which Grey’s Anatomy achieved its fame has been fading over time, shifting to a more political or even economic approach, leaving the average drama on a per-shot basis.

The number of characters in the main cast

Only three members of the original Grey’s Anatomy cast remain, and they are Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, and of course, Meredith Gray herself. Fans have seen the characters die, move, or disappear.

Grey’s Anatomy has been around for a long time and the remaining cast is growing in age, which means it might be time to retire and move on with their lives.

I would ruin more stories

It tarnished her character’s reputation on Grey’s Anatomy, as there were plenty of other ways she could have left the show and put a bad taste in fans’ mouths, which is one they hope never to try again.

Unfortunately, it seems like they’re even doing the same to Teddy and her cheating scandal, and it shows that it must end before anyone else’s story on Grey’s Anatomy changes for the worse.


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