Fans think that Kristina Haak’s daughter is her “twin” in a new Instagram photo: “Growing up too fast”


Kristina Haak recently shared a photo of her daughter Taylor on Instagram, and fans can’t believe the similarities between the HGTV star and her 11-year-old daughter. Here’s what Haak posted and what the fans are saying about it.

Taylor El Moussa and Kristina Haak

Kristina Haak shared a new photo on Instagram of her 11-year-old daughter.

Flip or Flop star Kristina Haak often posts Instagram photos of her family, including three children and new husband Joshua Hall. Although the HGTV star is busy filming and producing her popular show “Kristina on the Coast” and the upcoming new series “Kristina in the Village,” she still has enough time to share it with her children.

On June 2, Haak shared a photo on Instagram of her daughter Taylor, which she shares with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. The 11-year-old girl smiled and posed for a photo in sneakers, a black skirt, a red top with a floral print and a large black denim jacket.

“I’m growing up too fast,” Haak signed the photo. “My beautiful girl, love her so much that it hurts. 🤍”

Fans called Christina Haak’s daughter her “twin”

Fans of Kristina Haak were delighted with the Instagram post about her daughter Taylor. They left some supportive comments under the cute photo.

Some fans said Haak and her 11-year-old daughter look like identical siblings, not like mother and daughter.

One fan commented, “She’s your twin😍 And I feel like she’s as witty as you🥰,” while another fan simply wrote: “Your twin is ❤️”.

“Wow, she’s grown up so fast! She looks like her mom😍beautiful!! — said one fan, and another commented: “So gorgeous, I got it from my mom.”

And many fans agreed with Haak that her baby is growing fast, leaving comments like: “I thought the same thing when I saw this photo… growing too fast!”

Tarek El Moussa recently wrote that his daughter is “growing up too fast.”

Christina Haak’s ex-husband Tarek El Moussa shares the opinion that their daughter is growing up too fast.

On June 7, El Moussa shared a photo on Instagram in which he and Taylor are getting ready to go to the Daddy’s Daughter dance at her school.

The Flipping 101 star wore a blue blazer over a black T—shirt and classic trousers, while Taylor wore a pink dress, black heels and a black jacket.

“I invited Tay to the dad and daughter dance as a date, and it was one of the best nights a dad can dream of. 👨👧,” El Moussa signed the picture. “She’s growing up too fast, but I’m so proud of the young woman she’s becoming. I’m lucky to be her #girldad 💖😢”