Fans Theory After Homelander’s DeathThe Boys


Despite Billy and The Boys’ many efforts to expose Homelander for the villain that he really is, the sequin-starred frontman of The Seven remains a hero in the public eye.

The Boys’ struggle has always been twofold: physically taking down the super and exposing them for who they really are. The second part of that mission is possibly the most important.

Homelander is among the most evil superheroes we’ve seen so far in The Boys series, but Vought could easily be hiding more wild cards like Stormfront up his sleeve.

After all, Season 3 is set to introduce the original Homelander, Soldier Boy. Season 3 of The Boys killing Homelander but preserving his heroic image in the public eye would be a hollow victory.

Especially for Butcher. In addition, I would highlight the predominant message of The Boys program so far: that the real evil is not Homelander himself, but the corporation that created him and that cultivated his psychopathy.

Butcher’s anger has been directed at Homelander thus far, for what he did to Becca, but killing the leader of The Seven and realizing the futility of doing so could put Butcher on a more direct war path against Vought in The Boys.

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