Fans spotted a dramatic error in Denver’s secret identity


Fans of La Casa de Papel raved about the final episode of season four earlier this year as it set up a potentially tantalizing fifth season.

However, with a great deal of wait ahead of fans for the upcoming season, viewers have been going through older episodes of La Casa de Papel to rewatch the story and catch any missing details.

In the first season, Denver tells Monica the one thing she wasn’t supposed to do: her name. Although this was a huge reveal at the time, viewers of La Casa de Papel have now pointed out that this did not hold steady.

Speaking online, a La Casa de Papel fan noted that in season one, Denver whispers to Mónica that her name is Ricardo, but in season four her dad and Juanito / Julia call her Daniel.

Viewers will no doubt be confused by these events, as Denver was referred to as Daniel by his family during season four. Of course, it is unlikely that Denver had Ricardo and Daniel as real names in La Casa de Papel.

The wary character may have decided to divulge false information to keep himself, and indeed his family, safe. Could this apparent narrative slippage have been a hidden detail in the character of Denver from La Casa de Papel?

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