Fans spot new discrepancy with Sheldon Cooper


The writers of The Big Bang Theory seemed to have forgotten a crucial detail about Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) haircutting habits during season five.

Unfortunately, after seemingly establishing “Supercuts” as Cooper’s preferred barber, the writers seemed to forget this crucial detail in later episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

A fan of The Big Bang Theory comments that Sheldon is looking for a new barber in “The Transformation of the Wolf”, and when Amy asks why not Supercuts, he notices that he tried them once but will not return.

Other fans of The Big Bang Theory argued that the previous reference to Supercuts may have been the only time Sheldon tried them before deciding not to return.

Another viewer of The Big Bang Theory confirmed the error and admitted the inconsistency. Somehow the strictly regulated Sheldon couldn’t keep track of where he had been getting his hair trimmed all these years.

As Supercuts is an existing hair salon franchise in the United States, it is likely that the writers of The Big Bang Theory simply decided to reference the brand in the episodes, hoping that no one would notice.

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