Fans Shout Hypocrisy as Ryan Gosling Blocked Sydney Harbour Bridge for 7 Hours Straight for Filming His Movie


Ryan Gosling, a charming actor, can usually charm anyone with his Canadian character. However, the actor failed to charm the citizens of Australia. Last year, Gosling appeared in the Netflix original action movie “The Grey Man.” He is currently filming his upcoming action movie The Fall Guy. Several townspeople expressed their indignation about the actor when he was shooting a film in Australia.

To shoot the fight scenes for his upcoming film, The Fall Guy team took several locations in Australia. The Sydney Opera House, the iconic Bridge and the Cahill Expressway were among the locations that were part of their set. Since the filmmakers blocked the places for several hours, the townspeople had difficulty doing their daily work. The blocking of seats caused heavy traffic and delays throughout the city. So the citizens took to Twitter to call out the team and the Australian government.

Fans were outraged when the film starring Ryan Gosling blocked the roads

To shoot a movie or show in public places, an official government permit is required. When the movie The Fall Guy hit the lands of Australia, it caused the townspeople a lot of trouble. The shooting continued for several hours, disrupting the daily lives of Sydney residents. They took to Twitter to express their feelings about the situation. Disappointed citizens called on the government to allow this to happen. They also wondered why Violet Coco had to go to jail for blocking the road for 25 minutes, while the La La Land actress was in no danger.

While these citizens were showing their anger, some Gosling fans were also thrilled to see their favorite actor in action. But what is the film about? David Leitch is the director of the upcoming American action movie The Fall Guy. The film is an adaptation of the 1980s television series of the same name created by Glen A. Larson, starring Lee Majors. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. Well, the film is due to be released on March 1, 2024.

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