Fans sent messages Seungri for his military enlistment


Fans sent messages Seungri for his military enlistment. VIP sent messages of support and farewell.

The military service is one of the most difficult moments for idols and fandoms, they have to take leave to return to reunite after 18 months.

It is an obligation for all Korean men and also K-pop idols ; Seungri , a former Big Bang member , will be the next to start his stay in the army and his fans say goodbye.

Despite the controversy that caused his departure from the group, there are some VIPs that continue to support the singer and after announcing that he will enlist tomorrow, (March 9 in South Korea), fans have created the hashtag #TakeCareSeungri to say goodbye

Their service will last 18 months and the fans expect him to stay healthy, reflect on some things and ignore the malicious comments, as they promise to be there to support him and receive him when he ends his obligation as a citizen.

Until now, it is not known if there will be fans who organize a farewell group for him when he arrives at his military base, because according to Korean media, the idol will be active, that is, that he will enter a training squadron of the province from Gangwon.

On the trial he faces, it seems, the case will be transferred to the military court.


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