Fans Scold Julia Fox For Choosing Drake As The Best Date With a Celebrity, Leaving Kanye West and Her Cute Story


Julia Fox strikes again. The star of “Uncut Jewels” recently took part in the program “Watch what happens to Andy Cohen”, where she talked about her best date with a celebrity. And surprisingly, it’s not Kanye West! But it was rapper Drake who impressed her!

Julia Kanye’s ex is reportedly missing. Financial advisor Ye Thomas St. John could not find him to sue due to lack of payment. Moreover, fans continue to ask questions about his whereabouts, given that he has remained silent on social media. Maybe his missing status prompted Fox to finally reveal his best celebrity date ever! And fans don’t take her change of heart very well.

Fans React to Julia Fox Hinting that Drake Was Her Best Star Date

Fans on Twitter criticized the “Uncut Jewels” star for jumping ship so quickly after less than a year of relationship with Kanye.

During an interview with Andy Cohen, Julia Fox revealed that her best date included a private jet, warm hugs and several Chanel bags. She hesitated to reveal the celebrity’s name, only saying that he was a star of the first magnitude, and teased that “maybe” it was Drake. “I flew on a private jet, hugged on the plane, landed and got some Chanel bags. It was just great,” she said.

There was speculation that she was really talking about rapper Hotline Bling because they briefly hung out together in 2020. After Valentine’s Day, they went to Toronto and Los Angeles, and Fox also received several Birkin bags as a gift. Moreover, it was Drake who first turned to the mother of one of them after watching her performance in “Uncut Jewels”.

The actress dated rapper Donda after Ye broke up with Kim Kardashian last year. Last year, she talked about their month-long affair, saying that Ye treated her like a real princess. But she called it a dismissal, referring to his unresolved problems.

Although the best man in her eyes changed from Ye to Drake, who do you think was better for her? Tell us in the comments below.


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