Fans React to Todd Tucker Declaring Kandi Burrus the Queen of RHOA


Todd Tucker, the husband of Candi Burruss, called his wife the queen of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and this title caused the star to become a trend on Twitter after fans reacted to this statement. Burruss joined RHOA in the second season and quickly became friends with other housewives. Burruss was very close to Phaedra Parks, who joined the cast in the third season, but their friendship began to wane when Parks convinced the others that Burruss was not showing enough emotional support while she was going through a divorce from Apollo Nida. Despite the fact that on various occasions they agreed to put the past behind them, the friendship never revived, especially after Parks accused Burruss and Tucker of planning to sexually abuse Porsha Williams, who was also a friend of Burruss.

The TV presenter and Grammy Award winner recently became popular on social media after her song “Legs, Hips and Body” reappeared in her 2014 production of “Mother’s Love.” The song was originally recorded by Burruss, Porsha Williams and Vanita Denise Woodgett, better known as D. Woods. Many called the song banal and found it funny that Burruss wrote this song when she is able to write songs such as “No Scrubs” and “Shape Of You”. However, Burruss highlighted the situation and was happy that her song had gone viral, and even started using the song’s name as a hashtag in her social media posts. Many celebrities, including Tracey Ellis Ross and Cynthia Bailey, have recorded videos using sound.

Burruss’ name became popular on social media again after her husband, Todd Tucker, appeared on her YouTube show, Speak On It, and declared his wife the Queen of RHOA. “Like, this is your show. I don’t care what no one says, it’s yours, it was yours, and you’ve been on it the longest. You used the platform for its intended purpose, and people see it, and they want it,” Tucker boasted about his wife. Twitter user @BondyBlue echoed Tucker’s statement, saying, “Kandy is the queen of RHOA. She was on the show the longest without a break. She was already famous for her REAL talent. She is the richest of all. She’s had more successful spin-offs than anyone else. Kandy is in charge of the girls. Love her or hate her.” While some agreed with this statement, others agreed that NeNe Leaks, Kenya Moore or Porsha Williams should be given the title as they are among the most memorable and iconic contestants of the show.

To consider Lix the queen of reality TV was a widely agreed opinion. Even before the conversation about queens began, former RHOA producer Carlos King declared Lix the greatest housewife of all time. One user commented on Bondy Blue’s opinion of Burruss by sharing a video with Leaks and saying, “…#RHOA has one queen and only one queen… and this is not only my opinion and the opinion of the majority of viewers … executive producers too .”However, there are fans who believe that Lix causes too much drama and should not be considered the queen of the show. Twitter user @Mytchell16 said: “…Look what Nene dirty and excessive has led to. Kandy is the right level of involvement in the drama to stay in the series, but not make too many enemies, and more than any other HW she has received. a career beyond that!”

The housewives mentioned, who were listed as possible queens of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” did not add to the conversation to share who they think is the queen of the show. Burruss also did not respond to comments about who is the queen of the series, but in March she announced Cherie Whitfield as the queen of season 14. With or without the title of queen, Burruss will always have the title of “boss”, as she is known for embodying the definition of the word.