Fans React to Taylor Armstrong Joining RHOC


Taylor Armstrong, originally from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, will join The Real Housewives of Orange County as a “friend” in season 17, and fans are weighing in on the news. Favorite RHOBH recently appeared in the 2nd season of the TV series “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip”, where many fans liked her presence. Now she will return to the screens again in the main show of the franchise.

Taylor was a major contributor to RHOBH for the first six seasons. She was the main cast from the first to the third season and a guest from the third to the sixth. Her first few years on RHOBH were full of personal drama as viewers watched the breakdown of her marriage and the aftermath of how her husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide. Years later, Taylor has found a new love, and it seems that she is ready to return to the world of reality TV.

Taylor’s move to RHOC makes her the first housewife to switch franchises. It’s a big shift, but considering Taylor’s physical move to Orange County (not to mention her small return to the reality TV world via RHUGT), it looks like she’s ready. Most fans on the internet are excited to hear this. Reddit user fancypeppers shared the news on the Real Housewives subreddit, and many fans joined her by sharing their opinions about Taylor. “To be honest, I’m thrilled about it,” fancypeppers said.

This is not the only important news from the RHOC universe. It was recently confirmed that former OC housewife Tamra Judge will also be returning to the show. Tamra was a part of the recent season of RHUGT, and fans really want them to communicate again. “It will be interesting that Tamara will return and Taylor will join. It looks like they got along well on the girls’ trip,” said Reddit user jennifersb66. Heather [Dubrow] will get along, as Heather assumes she’s the main Queen Bee.”

Meanwhile, Redditor Pecannutty thinks that Taylor’s joining RHOC will allow her to get an arc of redemption, given the hard times she went through on RHOBH. “I think this will be the first time we will see if she is really a good housewife because she has a new beginning,” Pecannatti said. “Her time on BH was hectic, and I don’t think she ever had a chance to just relax and make a movie, and then UGT, she was immediately sucked into the past, so once again, I really don’t think it’s a real reflection. ”

Overall, it seems that fans are looking forward to Taylor Armstrong’s return to their screens, this time in “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Taylor will be tasked with getting to know a whole new group of women, and it may even lead to her getting a permanent role in the series. Taylor has already made friends with Tamra, who is also coming back, which means she should fit in well from the start.


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