Fans Portray Henry Cavill As Another Marvel Superhero After Sentry, Back to The Point


Henry Cavill, along with his fans, has spent the last few years unraveling whether he is still a symbol of hope, justice and strength in the DC universe. Was he replaced? Did the studio abandon the superhero in the red cape himself? And after years of pleading and waiting, fans were greeted with the worst possible news. Within a month of announcing how excited he was to be returning to his superhero role, Cavill had to announce that there was no place for him in the DC universe. An announcement that was as difficult for the actor to make as it was for his listeners.


But now that the chapter is finally closed, fans are looking forward to whatever projects Cavill chooses. An actor who not only plays, but also produces Warhammer 40k is an important sign that things are going in the right direction. In addition, Marvel fans are trying to transport the actor across the border. At first, when there were no announcements about whether Henry Cavill would return to DC or not, Marvel fans were obsessed with the fact that he was chosen for the role of a Sentry. But now that the actor is finally relieved of his duties as Superman, viewers want to see him in the role of Reed Richards.

Henry Cavill is the perfect Reed Richards for Marvel.

Considering how the actor has spent the last few years making sure he’s in great physical shape in case he’s suddenly brought back as Superman in DC, he’s ready to play any character in the Marvel universe. Taking into account the fact that not only fans of Henry Cavill, but also the entire nerd community are saddened by the loss of such a brilliant actor in DCU, the studio would benefit greatly if it chose Cavill for the role of Reed Richards. Cavill won’t be the first actor to move from the DC universe to Marvel after the former did him a disservice.

Ryan Reynolds has never looked back at the DC studio since Green Lantern and is now the star of one of Marvel’s greatest films.

While Marvel fans have now prepared Cavill’s fan art as Reed Richards, not so long ago they saw that there would be no better casting than Henry Cavill as Dr. Doom, known as Reed Richards’ Nemesis. It just proves how great an actor Cavill is, and that fans really want to see him in the comic book world again.

Do you think Henry Cavill would be better than Reed Richards or Dr. Doom? Let us know in the comments below.


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