Fans on Twitter Tell Us in What Order They Watch The Netflix Kaleidoscope, and They Seem to Like It


Netflix is helping to change the rules of the game again thanks to the way we consume our entertainment. The streaming service, which has already released a number of interactive series and films, started the new year with Kaleidoscope, a unique drama about robberies featuring Giancarlo Esposito from Better Call Saul and Mandalorian. Inspired by a real—life case where billions of dollars were lost as a result of flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy, creator Eric Garcia presented eight episodes with color titles that can be viewed in any order – with the exception of “White”, which serves as the finale. The trick seems to be working, and fans have tweeted some funny reviews and lots of recommended viewing orders.

Having the opportunity to watch all eight episodes of Kaleidoscope in the sequence that the viewer likes, of course, people begin to have opinions about what is best to do, or simply the reasons why they make a certain choice. Mikaela Miyamoto, who apparently had a small role in the series, urged those with a Netflix subscription to start with the episode in which she stars:

“Kaleidoscope” tells about master thief Leo Papa (Giancarlo Esposito) and his team trying to commit a grand heist with a salary of $ 7 billion. However, with so much money at stake, factors such as betrayal and greed interfere with their plan. In addition to Esposito, the series stars Rufus Sewell, Paz Vega, Rosalyn Albay, Jai Courtney, Tati Gabriel and Peter Mark Kendall.

Other Netflix subscribers made their own recommendations as to which order to watch the series in, and one person tweeted that while “Yellow” would be a great place to start, they recommended choosing “Green”:

Each episode of Kaleidoscope reveals a piece of a complex puzzle of corruption, greed, revenge, intrigue, loyalty and betrayal, as Eric Garcia said, so the viewing order will inform how viewers think about various characters and situations, even without them. understanding this. Which apparently helps to provide a different experience for most viewers. Here’s another preference:

Although “White” should be the last episode, many people had other ideas, and this Twitter user gave different recommendations depending on what story you are looking for:

Many on Twitter have helpfully posted the chronological order of the episodes, although it is important to note that there are some whose events occur after what happens in the episode intended to be saved as the finale. So keep that in mind when deciding how rebellious you feel. Here’s how the episodes play out in relation to the robbery:

The concept of watching episodes in any order is unique, but not entirely new. The then-CBS All Access tried it back in 2020 with the true crime series “Interrogation”, which can now be broadcast on a Paramount+ subscription. You can also find out what other series will be released on Netflix this year, and find out what premieres are expected in the TV schedule for 2023.


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