Fans of “Very Strange Cases” struggle with the role of Jamie Campbell Bower: “If evil, then why is it hot?”


Since the release of “Very Strange Cases 4“, many fans can’t get enough of Jamie Campbell Bower. Some fans of “Very strange things” crave an actor on the network, despite his evil role in the series, some have a question: “If evil, then why cool?” Here’s what fans say about Bauer’s appearance and his acting abilities.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains the main plot points from the first volume of the fourth season of the TV series “Very Strange Things”.]

Jamie Campbell Bower revives Vecna, known as 001, known as Henry Creel, in “Very Strange Cases” 4

Bauer’s role in season 4 of Very Strange Cases is listed as a “Friendly Orderly” so as not to give away a big twist, but his role is much bigger. Bauer also revives Henry Creel, a child with supernatural powers, Peter Ballard, and Vecna/001.

As Vecna reveals in the final episode of Volume I, Henry used his powers to kill his mother and sister before falling into a coma. Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) found out about his condition and took Henry under his care, where he became Brenner’s first experiment on gifted children, hence the name 001/One.

Realizing his power, Dr. Brenner implants a chip in the neck of the First to suppress his abilities. Later, he befriends Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and tricks her into removing the device, which allows him to kill everyone in Hawkins’ lab. When Eleven refuses to join the First, she uses her powers to force him to get into the Wrong Side, where he becomes Pregnant.

Fans Crave Jamie Campbell Bower Despite His Villainous Role

Fans of “Very Strange Cases” on Reddit claim that the casting directors “knew what they were doing” when choosing Bauer for the role of the villain in season 4. “I want to personally thank the casting director,” a Reddi user writes in the comments to this topic. “Another addition to my collection “if evil, then why is it hot?””.

“I was so fascinated by him every time he appeared on the screen,” says another comment in the thread. Most fans don’t even mind Bauer playing a noseless killer with crepe skin.

“I see JCB in that first scene in the lab: oh well, he’s still cute,” says another Reddit user. “I, after that, reveal: AND HE IS EVIL, Oh MY GOD.”

Jamie Campbell Bower’s performance is also celebrated.

In the same Reddit thread, fans of the TV series “Very Strange Things” also praise Bauer’s acting skills in season 4. “He made me feel confused whether to trust him or not throughout the season!!!” reads the comment. “Such a great performance.”

Others note the work Bauer has done behind the scenes. In addition to the sides that the Duffer brothers gave him to audition for — one from “Primal Fear” and the other from “Hellraiser”—Bauer made a “mood board” to help him get into the role.

“Christopher Lee was there as Dracula,” Bauer told IGN. “Of course, I had a Pinhead there. I had Freddy Krueger there. I had a more recent version of Dracula. I had characters from, God, some wild vampire movies from the ’80s. Voldemort was there too. And a lot of fire.”

Bauer added: “I knew very, very little, but somehow managed to piece together enough to articulate the reality of who this man was. So call it fate, luck, intelligence, stupidity — God knows how it turned out, but it turned out.”

Whatever Bauer does, it works for fans who can’t stop admiring his looks and acting abilities online. Watch Bauer in the series “Very Strange Things” on Netflix.