Fans of The Simpsons Say It Predicted The Outrage of Michelangelo’s Statue


The Simpsons seems to have predicted another future event, and animation fans suggest that the 33-year-old episode foresaw the current controversy over Michelangelo’s David.

The iconic nude statue made headlines last week after a school principal in the United States was forced to resign over complaints from several parents that sixth-grade students were shown an image of the statue in class.

Hope Carraskilla, who was the head of the Tallahassee Classical School, resigned after the school board gave her an ultimatum in connection with a lesson on Renaissance art.

A newly appeared clip from the Simpsons episode “Itch, Scratch and Marge” has appeared on social networks, in which there is a plot point in which the local group “Springfielders for Nonviolence, Understanding and Help” (SNUH) calls on Marge Simpson to protest against David’s traveling exhibition. she defends the statue as a masterpiece.

Speaking about the current real-life incident, Tallahassee Grammar School Board chairman Barney Bishop III told Slate, “98 percent of parents didn’t have a problem with it. But it doesn’t matter because we didn’t follow the practice.

“We have practice. Last year, the school sent out a preliminary notification about this. Parents should know: in the classroom, students will see, hear or tell about it. We have not sent this notification this year.”

He added: “We are not going to show the full statue of David to kindergartens. We’re not going to show it to the second graders. At some age, it is appropriate to show the entire statue of David. We’re going to find out when it will be.”

The Simpsons were known for predicting future events, the most famous of which is the election of Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016, up until the 2000 episode, as well as his last choice in 2024.


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